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Woman in purple Who Gave Trump The Finger Has Given The Internet Strength

The interwebs has deemed one woman a beacon of hope on Inauguration Day

Buzzfeed Reporter Mary Georgantopoulos shared a photo from the U.S. Navy Memorial of a woman wearing a purple parka, who threw up the bird during Trump’s first speech as president on Friday. 

And the “woman in purple” ― as some on social media lovingly called her ― quickly became very popular. The photo generated thousands of retweets in just a few hours as well as a whole lot of feelings. 

Some thought the unidentified woman would make a better president than Trump, and others have already declared their love for her. A few just really wanted parka-wearing lady to be their grandma.

But ultimately, most of the reactions were just plain hilarious. 

The woman at the Navy Memorial, where the group ANSWER Coalition was protesting, wasn’t the only one who chucked up the middle finger at our new president. It seems as though several social media users have also taken part in employing the, um, bold gesture. 

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