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ComedySportz in the Colleges and Universities

We are an eclectic, nutty group of people of so many amazing, fun personalities

By the second crowd members input Camera 3 on Second and San Carlos, they're transported to a huge play.

Each operation divides the throw to two groups that compete in fascinating, head-to-head humor games. The crowd, fueled by Psycho Donuts and coffee, determines who wins the game utilizing plastic flyswatters known as"whapnerz."

ComedySportz in the Colleges and Universities

We're a perennial favorite with colleges & universities throughout the country because of our reputation for good, clean funny--our shows are suitable for all student audiences.

ComedySportz has been a staple for campus comedy for two decades.  The shows are hilarious, interactive and easy to customize.  Fits perfectly in the school stadium, campus theatre, the student union and the coffeehouse.  If you’re responsible for organizing a student event, do something healthy for your student body – make it laugh!

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