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Parents Broken Santa’s Wishes By Giving Naughty Child Awesome Gifts

After a year of carefully assessing 8-year-old Jason Fuller’s behavior, Santa Claus decided to place the boy on his Naughty List. Jason had been a real troublemaker in school, teasing his classmates and talking back to teachers. At home, he refused to eat his vegetables, screamed at his parents when he didn’t get what he wanted, and refused to do his chores. As far as Santa was concerned, it was a clear-cut case. Jason’s inappropriate and disrespectful behavior clearly must be punished with a lump of coal for Christmas.

Santa’s tradition of rewards and punishments has been in place for years and has proven to be effective in getting children to be nice. However, it only works if the child’s parents uphold the integrity of the system. Miranda and Nathan Fuller, however, did not get the memo.

That’s right, in a huge breach of disciplinary procedure, Jason’s parents ignored Santa’s judgement and gave their son everything he wanted for Christmas, and more. Legos, video games, a bike, and to top it all off, a puppy. Jason was delighted. Despite the nagging feeling that their son was an asshole, Miranda and Nathan just couldn’t stop themselves from showering their precious baby boy with awesome stuff that he so did not deserve.

After finding out that his lump of coal was tossed aside so that this terrible kid could be rewarded for his naughtiness, Santa ripped off his hat, hurled it across the room, and yelled, “Why do I even bother?!”


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