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Orange Lutheran sculpture: What is the meaning of it?

Almost 200 Orange Lutheran students joined together to create the 28-foot-long hanging sculpture “Wave of Hope.” The piece, made of CD fragments, wire, poultry fencing and climbing rope, was designed by the school’s advanced sculpture and ceramics class and built over a three-month period. Its shape was inspired by the word “hope.” The artists who helped create the piece share their thoughts on its meaning.

Deven Atwater: This represents hope because we've all struggled and been hurt, but when we are put together we shine.

Brianna Lippert: Working on the sculpture isn't just like working on any other project; we are creating something by uniting many small pieces of CDs into one massive piece of art. While working on the project you only see the small picture because you are working on one small portion with a team of people, but when you step back, the whole thing comes together as one. Currently, the human race has become divided into many small parts by race, religion or political beliefs. It is important that we set those things aside and unite together as one strong group of people and focus on the hope of the future and not the depression of the past or the disappointment of the present.

Shelby Hahn: My favorite part of working on the sculpture is knowing I'm just a small broken piece of a CD that contributed to the project. Every broken piece represents one person that took time to help the process. Each one is unique and different from the others, such as people in a society. No matter who it is, we all have our own battles and are broken in some way, but together we shine just like the rainbow side of CDs. The sculpture represents hope because one side is shiny and the other is dull. Humankind needs hope for the cruel world we live in. We may be dull and logical but everyone can have hope and shine.

Saxon Swart: The CDs are like everyday people all split up and broken. The wiring is faith in Christ Jesus in which we stand together as a community. If we stand apart from one another we are weak but with the wiring (faith) we can stand together strong. Light is also a symbol of hope, and when light shines off of the sculpture, it's kind of like a beacon of hope.

Henry He: Each part of this sculpture has its own meaning: The CD fragments represent the lives of all the people that live on this earth; the large wire screen represents the fragile universe that we all live in; the wires are the principles that we live by, and how we hang on to the world that we live in, using them as emotional dependence. I think this sculpture really relates to how insignificant we are in this universe, and how little we stand for. That we are fragile beings. I think, although, how this sculpture shows humanity's insignificance, it also tells us that we are not alone, and that we can depend on each other.

Troy Abrams: To me, the broken CDs represent us when we feel broken and the people who come along to hold us in place and comfort us. The fence represents the world and being tied down to it. The hope in this comes from the broken CDs because knowing when you’re broken, someone can come fix you and build you into something that is beautiful and stands out.

Jacob Circle: I think that the art piece looks like an ocean of stars. The CD reflection really reminds me of the shimmer of the stars in the sky in a starry night. If this sculpture is put up into a dark room, then surely all who see it will be amazed by the selection of colors and reflections that are looking back at them.

Hannah Glisman: People can still have hope and try to recover from their brokenness. You can still make something out of your life even when you feel like you don't matter.

Taryn Lennon: This project represents that no matter how broken something is, it can still be beautiful. The broken pieces of CDs are not complete and whole, but with the helping hands from hundreds of students, every individual piece is created to have a sense of unity. We hope for change and something to come along that is always bigger and better than we have and sometimes we have to take a step back and see the bigger picture. God knows where we are going in life and where we have been, so take a step back and reflect on the shiny colorful decisions you have made in and life and learn from the mistakes that have left you broken. This represents society and how broken we are as a nation. We need to help wire everyone back onto the fence and stop dividing our country, phrase by phrase. Learn from the broken pieces and tie them back to the fence.

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