Stock Up On Free Mints Now To Give Out As Halloween Candy

I love Halloween, but as someone with a tight budget, it’s hard to justify spending all that money on big bags of candy. Year after year, I am forced to turn sad trick-or-treaters away from my door empty handed. But this October, I’ve come up with a genius money saving life hack: horde free mints all month to give out as Halloween candy!


Emily Blunt 'too beautiful' for The Girl On The Train role

The author of best-selling novel The Girl on the Train said filmmakers did their best to make Emily Blunt look "a bit shit" ahead of her lead role in the movie adaptation.

Paula Hawkins' comments come in the wake of criticism that 33-year-old Blunt was incorrectly cast for the role of overweight, alcoholic divorcee Rachel Watson.

"I love Emily Blunt. Mostly, I thought of her as like a comedy actress," Hawkins told an audience at the Chiswick Book Festival in the United Kingdom this week.


The Toronto Sketch Comedy Festival Board of Directors is thrilled to announce the appointment of Ellen Bayley and Ron Tite to our organization’s volunteer board. Ellen and Ron join our exceptional board team which consists of Chairperson Megan MacKeigan, Treasurer Tom Lowden, and directors Chris Earle and John Petcoff.


Tinder Hooks Up With Spotify

Dating just got a whole lot more fun for music lovers, now that Tinder has joined up with Spotify. Tinder users now have the option of displaying their favorite songs and artists on their profiles, enabling them to judge potential suitors based on their musical tastes. The two popular apps seem optimistic about their partnership.

Tinder, however, would like to stress that it is not looking for commitment. While Spotify is excited about where this is going, Tinder prefers to avoid any discussion about the future of their relationship.

Winnie-the-Pooh's long-forgotten penguin friend makes debut in official sequel

Generations of children the world over have long adored AA Milne's tales of Winnie-the-Pooh and his motley band of pals, Tigger, Piglet and Eeyore.

But now it appears one of the bear-of-little-brain's mates was forgotten along the way and condemned to anonymity for nearly 90 years.

Finally, this century-old wrong is about to be righted and the residents of the Hundred Acre Wood will be joined by a new companion: Penguin.

JonBenet Ramsey family lawyer vows to sue CBS over the documentary

The lawyer for the family of slain child beauty queen JonBenet Ramsey denounced a CBS documentary theorising she was killed by her brother, Burke, as a "false and unprofessional television attack" and threatened to sue the network for libel.

L. Lin Wood, an Atlanta attorney who said he had successfully other media outlets over similar accusations against Burke Ramsey, branded the program as a broadcast riddled with "lies, misrepresentations, distortions and omissions."

In The Bathroom, Ask For A Raise While Touching Your Penis

One of the questions people constantly send me is “How do I ask for a raise?”

It’s tricky. You want to be paid a fair value for your work, but you never want to come off as anything other than a Team Player. Fortunately, I’ve come up with a simple solution.

Next time you’re standing next to your boss at the urinal, ask him for a raise while both you and he are touching your respective penises.



TOsketchfest is thrilled to partner with multiple award-winning troupe Uncalled For in producing a theatrical run of Playday Mayday at Theatre Passe Muraille, November 23rd to December 4th, 2016.

We Should Support Unpopular Decisions Arouses Me Sexually

Pornography has long been a blight on our society. It is a disgusting habit that leads to sexually deviant behavior. As a God fearing woman, I can’t sit idly by and watch as this smut destroys lives. That is why I strongly believe we must ban porn. Oh, yeah. Yeah I do.

Thousands of men and even some women use these salacious materials to pleasure themselves day after day. “It’s totally harmless,” they say. “It’s completely natural.” But I cannot be swayed by what the majority of people and doctors believe… yes, that’s it, disagree with me! Disagree harder!

Radio Times launches a poll to discover the nation's favourite sitcom of the 21st Century

Radio Times has  started a poll to discover the nation's favourite sitcom of the 21st Century to date.

The magazine has drawn up a shortlist of 40 shows, devised by its own critics and TV experts at the BFI.

Editor Ben Preston says: "Ask people to name their greatest sitcom and the answer is usually Fawlty Towers, Dad's Army or possibly Porridge. Four decades after the so-called Golden Age of Comedy, these shows haven't lost their laughs or lustre. Astonishingly, Dad's Army is still the most popular repeat on BBC Two.


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