These Wikileaks Emails Prove What A Monster Hillary Clinton is


It’s what everyone in the Trump campaign talks about around the pyres of burning books. When you look closely, Hillary Clinton’s leaked emails show that what kind of person she is: a nasty woman who doesn’t know how to print things.

Her heartless thirst for evil and darkness knows no bounds. Just look at some of these real emails released by Wikileaks.

Secretary of the Demonic Underworld Hillary Clinton tries to help a 10-year-old Yemeni girl:

Men Refuse the Hormonal Birth Control: “Taking Responsibility Dulls Sensation”

Results of a recent study on male hormonal birth control were released last week, proving it to be an effective method of preventing pregnancy. Despite these promising findings, the study was abandoned early due to potentially dangerous side effects reported by the male participants.

“I’m totally support the idea of taking birth control, in theory,” said Brian, one of the men in the study. “But in reality, taking on that whole responsibility really dulled the sensation for me, sexually.”

This Man Saved A Lion Cub. But Years Later, It Mauled The Crap Out Of Him

When South African man Jed Wenger was 16 years old, he found a lion cub behind his house. The cub had been abandoned by its pride and was too weak to survive on its own. It was emaciated and near death, but Wenger nursed it back to health and raised it until it was strong enough to be reintegrated back into its natural environment. He named the cub Georgie.

Years later, Wenger took a trip to the area where he has released Georgie back into the wild. He was nervous.

This Funny Uncle Remenbers And Repeats All The Best TV And Movie Quotes

Every family has a funny relative, and in the Franklin family, Uncle Barry has that title on lock.

“Barry has always been the funny one,” said Aunt Linda at a recent family gathering. “I don’t know comedy, I just like to laugh!

Uncle Barry boasts an extensive repertoire, from vintage Saturday Night Live to classic Simpsons to Portlandia.

“Hey Linda, put a bird on it!” said Uncle Barry, pointing at Linda’s decorative birdcage. He looked knowingly at his teen nephew, who must have not heard him. “D’oh!”

Hooking Up In The Edward Scissorhands Costume Must Be Tough Enough

It’s 3am, and I’ve been flirting with that cute Alice in Wonderland all night. Man, Halloween really is the sexiest night of the year.

But it’s not until I get back to her apartment that I realize what a predicament I’m in: how the hell am I supposed to hook up while wearing this very realistic, very expensive costume from the creepy classic Edward Scissorhands?

FBI’s James Comey Requests Release Of New Bow Wow Mixtape

With timing that many are calling “puzzling” and “ill-conceived”, FBI Director James Comey has formally requested the release of Bow Wow’s latest mixtape.

The request comes as a total blindside to the late-90s child rapper’s camp. Bow Wow’s agent says that releasing his new work could undo “years of progress made by the hip hop genre and American society as a whole.”

Boss Pretending To Laugh At The Costume Of Her Will Fire You In February

It’s going great today, or so you think. You dressed up as your boss Mary Jo, with her signature bright red hair and hoop earrings.

“That’s so funny!” Mary Jo has said many times. Too many times. She doesn’t think it’s that funny.


TOsketchfest is thrilled to partner with multiple award-winning troupe Uncalled For to bring you the Toronto theatrical run of Playday Mayday at Theatre Passe Muraille, November 24th to December 4th, 2016.

Uncalled For Presents: Playday MaydayPlayday Maydayis a hilarious, free-flowing theatrical sketch comedy tale about the games we forget to play once we group up.

Thor and Iron Man go high art, with ‘world first’ Marvel exhibition at Brisbane

Thor might've already been seen stalking Brisbane's sunny streets, hammer in hand, in recent months, but now he's bringing along the rest of his Avengers super crew – and no, not for some epic world-saving mission, but rather for a groundbreaking Marvel museum exhibition.

Morrissey shouts out at Barnaby Joyce 'You are on the wrong side of history':

Our Deputy Prime Minister can't seem to stay out of stoushes with international celebrities.

First it was that whole sorry saga with Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, now Barnaby Joyce has drawn the ire – and acerbic pen – of British music legend, Morrissey.


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