Alex Blumberg: The Mistakes You’ve Made Are Your Best Selling Points

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Startups often have “creation myths” about their early days. But real life is much messier than that. To prove this, former This American Life producer Alex Blumberg recorded nearly every painstaking moment in creating his new podcasting company, Gimlet Media. With plenty of audio examples, Blumberg highlights the ups and downs of turning your creative art into a business, culminating in a cringe-worthy pitch to a venture capitalist.

Paola Antonelli: You’re Onto Something New,Rejection Is a Sign

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For more than 21 years, Paola Antonelli has been a curator at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York City. Her career has been devoted to putting together provocative exhibits that spark new ways of thinking, and that often draws criticism. 

Bryan Cranston’s Walter White Run DEA In ‘SNL’ Skit

Walter White just wants to “make America cook again.”

“Saturday Night Live” took President-elect Donald Trump to task over his questionable Cabinet picks this weekend with a skit in which he appointed Bryan Cranston’s “Breaking Bad” meth-dealing kingpin Walter White to head up the Drug Enforcement Administration. 

In a parody edition of CNN’s “The Lead with Jake Tapper,” Beck Bennett as the host asked Kate McKinnon as Trump’s campaign manager Kellyanne Conway about his controversial choices for his administration’s top team.

My RelationshipGoals Is That Couple having Dinner In Complete Silence Is

What I wouldn’t give to be in a relationship! After all this time being single, it’s difficult not to look at other couples and get jealous. And I have to say, as I sit here in this restaurant eating alone, this couple next to me eating dinner in complete silence is totally my #RelationshipGoals.

I mean, just look at them! He is quietly eating his chicken cutlet while she stares off into the distance blankly. Every so often her eyes angrily dart at him when he makes a particularly loud chewing noise. You can really tell how in sync these two are.

Are You Falling For A Beast Cursed Prince Or A Straight Up Bear?

Ugh, love, am I right? Sometimes it feels like it’s impossible to find a good man these days. It seems like every man out there is just playing these juvenile games and wasting your time. Even when you find yourself held hostage in a castle by a hideous beast, it’s like, who even is this guy? It’s true that cohabiting with someone is a good sign that they’re ready to commit, but it’s still important to know what you’re getting into.

What kind of neighbor are you?

Meet the couple who have turned noise into an art form. Is it a bowling ball? Is it a metal barrel? You never know with these masters of sound. This is what your upstairs neighbors are really up to. What kind of neighbor are you?ghost tits olivia munn

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Stop Trying to Design Everything

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Social media puts an impossibly glossy shine on design, careers, and life in general. But let’s be real about that perfectly-put together construction of ourselves we’ve curated online, says New York Times graphics editor Jennifer Daniel. In this talk, Daniel address the pressure of trying to be a great parent, while also putting in the hours required to be a great designer: “Are people afraid that we can’t do it all?” Because the truth is, “Well, we can’t do it all.”

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‘SNL’ tries to launch its new segment “The Hunt For Hil”

Public sightings of Hillary Clinton have been few and far between since her loss in the U.S. presidential election last month. 

And because some of the recent sightings have taken place in the forests of upstate New York, “Saturday Night Live” decided to launch its new segment “The Hunt For Hil” this weekend.

In the skit, two wildlife hunters set out to track down the elusive former Democratic presidential nominee so that they can thank her for everything she has done for America. 

Fight Some People And Feel Alive Again When I Went To A Black Friday Sale

I don’t really care about shopping, or deals, or leaving the house at all. In fact, I don’t even celebrate Christmas. But I’ve been looking forward to Black Friday for weeks. Why? For the fighting.

Improv Class: Failing Is Good

After discovering improvisational theater at her high school’s Annual Thespian Festival–which she assures is not a joke–Kimmy Gatewood became obsessed. She followed her obsession through college and eventually to New York, seeking out every possible improv teacher and experience she could find along the way. Kimmy has studied and performed improv and sketch comedy at venues including the Comedy Central Stage, Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre, The People’s Improv Theater and Second City.


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