ABC's Q&A returns with experimental Q&A Extra

The ABC's lightning rod for national debate and controversy Q&A returns to our screens on Monday night and it will literally be bigger than ever – with a post-show play-by-play called Q&A Extra making its debut to kick off the 2017 season.

Twitter had a few more #AlternativeFacts

You could come to grips with reality, or... get yourself some alternative facts!

Just take it from Kellyanne Conway. In a debate over inauguration attendance, the counselor to President Donald Trump told NBC’s Chuck Todd that White House press secretary Sean Spicer gave “alternative facts” to those presented by the media, insisting that the actual attendance was underreported.

Oh, OK.

Woman in purple Who Gave Trump The Finger Has Given The Internet Strength

The interwebs has deemed one woman a beacon of hope on Inauguration Day

Buzzfeed Reporter Mary Georgantopoulos shared a photo from the U.S. Navy Memorial of a woman wearing a purple parka, who threw up the bird during Trump’s first speech as president on Friday. 

And the “woman in purple” ― as some on social media lovingly called her ― quickly became very popular. The photo generated thousands of retweets in just a few hours as well as a whole lot of feelings. 

Bill Maher has issued a stark warning to fellow TV hosts who interview President-elect Donald Trump

Bill Maher has issued a stark warning to fellow TV hosts who interview President-elect Donald Trump in the upcoming months.

“If you are going to have him on, he’s a politician,” Maher said on Wednesday’s broadcast of “Jimmy Kimmel Live.”

“I know he’s actually a game show host from Queens, but now he’s the president of the United States, so if you’re going to have him on ― this is everybody ― hold his feet to the fire,” he added. “Don’t let him use you.”

The Hilarious Betty White On Her 95th Birthday

On Jan. 17, Betty White, legendary actress and the nation’s collective Nana, turned 95.

Due to the Golden Girl’s milestone birthday, her name began to trend on Twitter — and of course people thought it was because the worst had happened. 

Yet, after approximately 40,534,580,349,583,049 people tweeted out the same damn joke, cleverer quips about the very funny actress began to surface.

Three Co-Workers Reveal That They Love Jokes About “Being Loose” In SNL’s “Corporate Retreat”

There is some truth to SNL‘s “Corporate Retreat” sketch, in that when co-workers find themselves in a foreign location (coupled with alcohol), some surprising things are bound to surface. And in this particular case, these three co-workers (Cecily Strong, Felicity Jones, and Melissa Villasenor) have found that they all enjoy a good loose butt joke, much to the horror of those hosting the “jokey-oke,” open-mic style event at a tropical resort dest ination. Hold onto your butts, these ladies don’t hold back.  

007 movie James Bond-Style ‘Goldshower’ Is More Than A Wee Bit Funny

Unverified claims that Donald Trump watched prostitutes urinate on one another in a “golden shower” routine in Moscow have inspired a stream of jokes.

Now, James Bond is on the fun.

In a clever intro Wednesday, “The Daily Show with Trevor Noah” spoofed the opening of the 1964 007 movie “Goldfinger.” Only now the title is “Goldshower” and the words that Shirley Bassey sang in the original film have changed, as has the cast.

Vladimir Putin as “Nipples”? That’s worth the price of admission. 

Donald Trump’s Twitter response to Meryl Streep’s Golden Globes speech

The staff at “Full Frontal with Samantha Bee” evidently couldn’t wait for Wednesday’s show to address Donald Trump’s Twitter response to Meryl Streep’s Golden Globes speech, in which he called her “over-rated.”

So the political satire program took to Medium on Monday to post a series of imagined movie blurbs as tweets from the president-elect ― assuming Twitter had been around for some of Streep’s older films.

A Horse And A Squeaky Rubber Chicken Make Humorous Memories

It can be lonely out in the field. But not for this horse. Our equine friend seems to have found a BFF ― a bendable fake fowl.

We should all have a squeaky toy that supplies this much fun.None animated GIF

Donald Trump as comic fodder their power continues to reach new heights

Donald Trump and co. aren’t in the White House yet, but as comic fodder their power continues to reach new heights.

“Late Show” host Stephen Colbert launched a series of crisp jabs at the incoming administration on Wednesday night. The monologue started in on Vice President-elect Mike Pence, who encouraged Congressional Republicans to repeal Obamacare in an atmosphere, the host said, that resembled a “pep rally.”


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