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Kristen Wiig Cannot Contain Her Excitement Because She Is Back On SNL

Kristen Wiig hosted Saturday Night Live last night, with several of her most beloved characters making return appearances. It almost felt like she’d never left. But now the episode is over and we are forced to admit that, yes, she did leave, so now we just have to rewatch these sketches a few times.

5. The Bubble: The Bubble is a comedic premise that we actually want to move to.

4. Donald Trump Prepares Cold Open: Alec Baldwin is back as President-elect Donald Trump, for a cold open that finds him preparing for his new job.

3. Secret Word with Kristen Wiig: One of Wiig’s returning characters, the Actress Who Keeps Saying The Secret Word on “Secret Word.” There are some very funny lines in this one that we won’t quote because we don’t want to ruin them. But trust us — they’re there.

2. Target Commercial: You never realized how versatile that Target parking lot is before.

1. Surprise Lady: Thanksgiving: And finally, another classic Kristen Wiig reprise: the Lady Who Can’t Contain Her Excitement.

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