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This Funny Uncle Remenbers And Repeats All The Best TV And Movie Quotes

Every family has a funny relative, and in the Franklin family, Uncle Barry has that title on lock.

“Barry has always been the funny one,” said Aunt Linda at a recent family gathering. “I don’t know comedy, I just like to laugh!

Uncle Barry boasts an extensive repertoire, from vintage Saturday Night Live to classic Simpsons to Portlandia.

“Hey Linda, put a bird on it!” said Uncle Barry, pointing at Linda’s decorative birdcage. He looked knowingly at his teen nephew, who must have not heard him. “D’oh!”

Uncle Tony agrees. “I like how he watches something, and then takes a funny quote from it, and memorizes it, and then repeats it later. Sometimes when we’re together, he says ‘We’re two wild and crazy guys!’ like from that old SNL sketch with Steve Martin. He has a real gift for remembering phrases.”

Despite the acclaim from a handful of family members, Uncle Barry remains humble.

“People are always telling me I could be a comedian,” he explains, “and to that I say, ‘Yeah, baby! Alright, alright, alright! Bazinga!’”


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