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Feminism Win? Man Gets Hooters Wings Delivered

Redding, California resident Jake Hapler recently had a hankering for some Hooters wings. But instead of driving to the nearest Hooters location to be served by scantily clad waitresses, Hapler opted to have his wings delivered by a college kid named Ted.

If that’s not a feminism win, then we don’t know what is! Really though, we’re somewhat unclear on the concept of feminism as it applies to Hooters. Was that a feminism win?

We caught up with Hapler, who explained that he had his Hooters wings delivered because “he was kind of tired, and didn’t have anyone to go out with.”

Now if THAT isn’t a feminism win, then we might need a refresher on this whole feminism thing. Like, would it have been more feminist if he didn’t order from Hooters at all? Or what if he ordered pasta instead of wings? Is that feminist?

What if Hapler had gone to Hooters, ordered his wings, and then asked his server to put on a sweater? Is that worse? OR, is that a feminism win?

We caught up with the servers as the Hooters location nearest Hapler’s home, and asked them if they considered Hapler a feminist. Unfortunately, they all said they weren’t familiar with Hapler.

Now THAT is a feminism win. Right?

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