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ComedySportz Improv Classes

Trying to lose that unsighly comedic flab around your mid-section? Get your sense of humor back in shape with our workshops. Tone up your quick-thinking muscle, melt away your inhibitions, and feel the burn in your risk-taking skills!

Course Descriptions

Basic Improv
This course emphasizes basic verbal and physical communication skills by exploring spontaneity, active listening, risk-taking, story-telling, character development, and other fun stuff in a safe, non-judgemental environment. Laughter and positive vibes guaranteed. No prerequisite except a willingness for silliness.

Intermediate Improv
A continuation of the basics plus learning more ComedySportz gamez and advanced improvisational scenework. If students are interested, class may culminate in a performance for an invited audience. Giggles, chuckles, and guffaws included in course fee. If students are interested, an 'open classroom' will be presented for a small invited audience at the last class. Prerequisite: CSz Basic Improv or permission of Education Director.

Advanced Improv
Back by popular demand! This class continues the study of successful scene-work and adds more and more ComedySportz gamez to your repetoire. ComedySportz match performed by students for an invited audience on the final day of class. Prequisite: ComedySportz Intermediate level or permission of Education Director.

For more information and a schedule of classes, please contact us.

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