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How Do I Survive My Worst Failure

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In this presentation, entrepreneur Rob Forbes recounts his biggest failure: the underwhelming launch of PUBLIC Bikes. “It had me in the fetal position,” he says. “I’ve never been so wrong in my life.” Forbes recounts how the humbling experience made him return to basics and value creativity over being clever, giving him a new mantra: “Failure is an option.” 

Alex Blumberg: The Mistakes You’ve Made Are Your Best Selling Points

About this presentation

Startups often have “creation myths” about their early days. But real life is much messier than that. To prove this, former This American Life producer Alex Blumberg recorded nearly every painstaking moment in creating his new podcasting company, Gimlet Media. With plenty of audio examples, Blumberg highlights the ups and downs of turning your creative art into a business, culminating in a cringe-worthy pitch to a venture capitalist.

Stop Trying to Design Everything

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Social media puts an impossibly glossy shine on design, careers, and life in general. But let’s be real about that perfectly-put together construction of ourselves we’ve curated online, says New York Times graphics editor Jennifer Daniel. In this talk, Daniel address the pressure of trying to be a great parent, while also putting in the hours required to be a great designer: “Are people afraid that we can’t do it all?” Because the truth is, “Well, we can’t do it all.”

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Improv Class: Failing Is Good

After discovering improvisational theater at her high school’s Annual Thespian Festival–which she assures is not a joke–Kimmy Gatewood became obsessed. She followed her obsession through college and eventually to New York, seeking out every possible improv teacher and experience she could find along the way. Kimmy has studied and performed improv and sketch comedy at venues including the Comedy Central Stage, Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre, The People’s Improv Theater and Second City.

Do You Wanna Attend The Beginning Improv Class

This is the course where you'll learn them. You'll also learn a number of games you can play just about anywhere, learn how to develop scenes and create characters within seconds, and learn exercises to help create "group mind" to better work and act together.Does "Whose Line Is It, Anyway?" make you laugh? More importantly, does it look like something you'd like to try? Not only is improvisational comedy fun to watch, it's fun and easy to do.

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