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Hooking Up In The Edward Scissorhands Costume Must Be Tough Enough

It’s 3am, and I’ve been flirting with that cute Alice in Wonderland all night. Man, Halloween really is the sexiest night of the year.

But it’s not until I get back to her apartment that I realize what a predicament I’m in: how the hell am I supposed to hook up while wearing this very realistic, very expensive costume from the creepy classic Edward Scissorhands?

FBI’s James Comey Requests Release Of New Bow Wow Mixtape

With timing that many are calling “puzzling” and “ill-conceived”, FBI Director James Comey has formally requested the release of Bow Wow’s latest mixtape.

The request comes as a total blindside to the late-90s child rapper’s camp. Bow Wow’s agent says that releasing his new work could undo “years of progress made by the hip hop genre and American society as a whole.”


TOsketchfest is thrilled to partner with multiple award-winning troupe Uncalled For to bring you the Toronto theatrical run of Playday Mayday at Theatre Passe Muraille, November 24th to December 4th, 2016.

Uncalled For Presents: Playday MaydayPlayday Maydayis a hilarious, free-flowing theatrical sketch comedy tale about the games we forget to play once we group up.

ABC News Breakfast offers something fresh,Sunrise and Today hog spotlight

Normally, a winner is declared after a fight. But the rules are different in commercial TV. Somehow, two networks can both declare victory. Then they'll take it outside to the carpark and keep brawling.

We saw this last week, when Channel Nine claimed Today had overtaken Seven's Sunrise to become the top-rating breakfast show. What followed, essentially, was this:

ABC's Catalyst under question as internal review could see weekly format ditched

The future of Catalyst, the controversial ABC science program, is hanging in the balance amid reports the show's current format is to be axed and 11 staff made redundant.

The ABC has refused to comment on a Guardian report that Catalystwill lose its weekly slot and move to outsourced production, meaning 11 staff including its suspended reporter Maryanne Demasi could lose their jobs.

The X Factor Australia peddles catfight

How do you know a TV talent show is floundering in the ratings and out of ideas? Let's have a look for a quickly manufactured feud between its female judges.


Banned From TV, Billy Bush Says “Screw It, I’ll Run For President”

After a  video surfaced in which TV personality Billy Bush can be heard both laughing at and egging on the lewd, de-humanizing “locker room” talk of Donald Trump, the “Today” host was quickly banned from the airwaves. Such a dark mark in his past will almost surely make it difficult for him to find his next job.

With so few employment options at his disposal, Bush has decided to run for president of the United States in 2020.

Pregnant Janet Jackson Rolls Dice By Bringing Another Jackson Into the World

Janet Jackson is expecting her first child at age 50, which is risky because Jacksons can turn out in a variety of different ways. She’s really rolling the dice by bringing another Jackson into the world. Case in point: Janet herself. Janet is an excellent musician and accomplished actress who is known for likability and professionalism. So, yeah, that’d be a good baby.

We Always Split The Check Because We’re Equals Also He Never Offered

When my boyfriend Ethan and I got together, we both agreed that we didn’t want to be the type of couple to fall into old-fashioned gender roles. I’m an independent woman, I have a job, and I don’t need a man to open doors for me. Ethan treats me as an equal. That’s why we always split the bill when we go out to eat. That, and he never offered to do it.

Stock Up On Free Mints Now To Give Out As Halloween Candy

I love Halloween, but as someone with a tight budget, it’s hard to justify spending all that money on big bags of candy. Year after year, I am forced to turn sad trick-or-treaters away from my door empty handed. But this October, I’ve come up with a genius money saving life hack: horde free mints all month to give out as Halloween candy!



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