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Fight Some People And Feel Alive Again When I Went To A Black Friday Sale

I don’t really care about shopping, or deals, or leaving the house at all. In fact, I don’t even celebrate Christmas. But I’ve been looking forward to Black Friday for weeks. Why? For the fighting.

The “Late Show” host shared some crucial survival tips that he hopes will help everyone get through Thanksgiving Day

Stephen Colbert has your back this Thanksgiving.

The “Late Show” host shared some crucial survival tips that he hopes will help everyone get through what could be a tense holiday, following Donald Trump’s presidential election victory.

“This year, you have a family duty to treat your political opinion just like grandma’s jello mold,” the comedian said on Wednesday night’s broadcast. “Choke it down and keep it down until the guests leave.”

Kristen Wiig Cannot Contain Her Excitement Because She Is Back On SNL

Kristen Wiig hosted Saturday Night Live last night, with several of her most beloved characters making return appearances. It almost felt like she’d never left. But now the episode is over and we are forced to admit that, yes, she did leave, so now we just have to rewatch these sketches a few times.

5. The Bubble: The Bubble is a comedic premise that we actually want to move to.

Stephen Colbert Asks People To Stop Laughing At The World Leaders Like Kim Jong Un

Stephen Colbert is on a mission to end the mockery of world leaders.

The “Late Show” host lightheartedly called on people to stop ripping international heads of state on Friday, following the news that China had called out its citizens for fat-shaming North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un.

Sticks and stones may break their bones, but words can really hurt them,” Colbert said. “It may not seem like it but as we speak heads of state are being viciously mocked in every country in the world.”

‘The Daily Show’ Correspondent Sees Racist White House As ‘A Great Thing’

“The Daily Show” host Trevor Noah is worried about having Steve Bannon, the chairman of a website that traffics in white nationalism, as White House chief strategist. But correspondent Roy Wood Jr. said it’s actually “a great thing.”

On Wednesday’s show, Wood explained why: 

“Trump and Bannon, they’re not like other Republicans,” Wood said. “They’re not hiding their racism behind voter ID and stop-and-frisk policies. It’s out in the open.”

Wood said there are benefits to “loud and proud” racism,that sounds awful.

Turkeys Who Can’t Even Literally Right Away

It’s a dicey time for turkeys.

Slicey and dicey.

Political uncertainty and upcoming holiday dinners have left many of them with the inability to even. No matter how hard they try, these turkeys simply can’t even.

  • Can’t even.

  • Seriously, can’t even.

Taylor Swift's alleged assault released without her consent

Back in 2013, Taylor Swift was allegedly groped by a radio host during a fan event backstage at one of her shows, a legal battle ensued and last week the Shake It Off singer requested hundreds of documents attached to the case be sealed from public access.

Now tabloid site TMZ has gone against her requests and published a photograph of the incident involving former Colorado radio personality David "Jackson" Mueller. 

Lorde syas farewell to her teens and drums up anticipation for next album

There's nothing like an impending birthday to spark some soul-searching introspection, perhaps especially if you're a teenager finally making that anxious leap to adulthood.

And when you're a young popstar who's known for distilling the millennial experience into endlessly pored over three-minute teen symphonies, well, it makes sense that nervous energy might result in an emo midnight rant on Facebook.

Wonder Woman's Gal Gadot names Halle Berry as ideal love interest in sequel talked on Israeli talk show 

After the recent revelation that Wonder Woman is bisexual, actress Gal Gadot has revealed who she’d like to play her love interest: Halle Berry.

In an interview on Israeli talk show Good Night with Guy Pines, Gadot - who plays the character in next year's Wonder Woman film - didn't hesitate when asked who her leading lady would be.

According to comic site,"I saw her the other day, Halle Berry. She's so beautiful," Israeli-born Gadot said in Hebrew, Batman News. "She's gorgeous. So, yeah, I could do it with her."

These Wikileaks Emails Prove What A Monster Hillary Clinton is


It’s what everyone in the Trump campaign talks about around the pyres of burning books. When you look closely, Hillary Clinton’s leaked emails show that what kind of person she is: a nasty woman who doesn’t know how to print things.

Her heartless thirst for evil and darkness knows no bounds. Just look at some of these real emails released by Wikileaks.

Secretary of the Demonic Underworld Hillary Clinton tries to help a 10-year-old Yemeni girl:


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