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Casey Tran ,a euphonium player, who plays this weekend with the 2017 All-State Symphonic Band at the annual California All-State Music Education Conference in San Jose

Katella High School band director Dylan Harlan, who has been working hard to rebuild the school's neglected music program over the past two years, holds up Casey Tran as one of its success stories. Since joining the band, Tran, a euphonium player, not only earned a full scholarship to play with the Blue Devils Drum and Bugle Corps, based in Concord, but has been accepted into the 2016-17 Anaheim Union High School District Honor Band and the 2017 All-Southern California Symphonic Band.

Ovations on Feb 19th


This weekend, top high school musicians will play in the all-state honor ensembles at the California Music Education Conference. From Orange County, the following students were chosen to perform:

Aliso Niguel High School, Aliso Viejo

SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA – Eliana Leish: trombone

Arnold O. Beckman High School, Garden Grove

CONCERT BAND – June Hyun Lee: Bb clarinet

HONOR CHOIR – Samuel Quiroz: mixed; Nathaniel Romero: mixed

SYMPHONIC BAND – Yuri Choi: flute; Jessica Tseng: flute

San Juan Hills High dance program to the news stories

Students in the dance program at San Juan Hills High School used news stories to serve as their initial inspiration for a recent showcase of choreography. With topics such as the Cubs’ World Series win, Neil Armstrong’s moon landing and other historic events, they worked together to incorporate dance elements like partnering, sequential movement and layering to illustrate these newsworthy events.

Creepy Kellyanne Conway Goes Fatal Attraction On ‘SNL’

A smoldering anger, a knife, and a twisted Kellyanne Conway. The “Saturday Night Live” remake of the slasher/stalker movie “Fatal Attraction” with Kate McKinnon playing Donald Trump’s advisor isn’t pretty.

McKinnon’s Conway will not be ignored by the press.

The “SNL” skit opens with Beck Bennett as CNN’s Jake Tapper returning to his dark home late at night after barring Conway from his program because of “credibility issues,” only to find a ghoulish Kellyanne awaiting him in a negligee.

‘Star Wars’ Droids Star In ‘Friends’

Nobody could blame these sitcom actors if they come off as a bit robotic.

A YouTube user imagined the droids from “Star Wars” starring in their own version of “Friends.”

It would be called “Droids,” obviously ― and the likes of RD-D2 and C-3PO would be there for you.

Welcome back, Must-See TV. None animated GIF

Watch Tom Cruise's Films Fall Into A Bunch Of Movies Which Are not His

Try not to look down, Tom Cruise.

YouTube user DrMachakil edits the actor’s falling scene from “Vanilla Sky” into a jumping-off point for the actor to plummet through films such as “Star Wars: Episode II,” “The Avengers” and “Men In Black 3.

He even catches the attention of a certain wizard on the way. 

Maybe he should borrow his broom.

H/T Tastefully Offensive

Healthy! Replcace Bananas For Sugar To Make Your Muffins Shittier

Hey, here’s a cool baking tip: simply replace the sugar in your muffin recipe with a healthier alternative, like bananas or honey, and you’ll have a far shittier muffin in no time!

Really a lot shittier!

You see, many people don’t realize this, but fruits like bananas, apples, and berries have plenty of fructose, or fruit sugar, already in their chemical make-up.So if you want the sweetness of a muffin, but the shittiness of a shitty muffin, a banana is a great option.

ABC's Q&A returns with experimental Q&A Extra

The ABC's lightning rod for national debate and controversy Q&A returns to our screens on Monday night and it will literally be bigger than ever – with a post-show play-by-play called Q&A Extra making its debut to kick off the 2017 season.

Bill Maher has issued a stark warning to fellow TV hosts who interview President-elect Donald Trump

Bill Maher has issued a stark warning to fellow TV hosts who interview President-elect Donald Trump in the upcoming months.

“If you are going to have him on, he’s a politician,” Maher said on Wednesday’s broadcast of “Jimmy Kimmel Live.”

“I know he’s actually a game show host from Queens, but now he’s the president of the United States, so if you’re going to have him on ― this is everybody ― hold his feet to the fire,” he added. “Don’t let him use you.”

The Hilarious Betty White On Her 95th Birthday

On Jan. 17, Betty White, legendary actress and the nation’s collective Nana, turned 95.

Due to the Golden Girl’s milestone birthday, her name began to trend on Twitter — and of course people thought it was because the worst had happened. 

Yet, after approximately 40,534,580,349,583,049 people tweeted out the same damn joke, cleverer quips about the very funny actress began to surface.


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