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We are a global network of companies that transform the world using improvisation, through our unique ability to train collaboration, inspiration, gratitude and fun. These values enrich the lives of individuals, families, friends, and organizations alike.
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The history of the world has a great effect on the formation of comedy

Humor is a universal function of human society, although jokes sometimes fall flat across different cultures and time periods. Nevertheless, since the human race began, we have always sought ways to laugh and to make people laugh. Some traditions are stranger than others.

1 Holocaust Humor

The Top 10 Comedy Teams of All Time

This list looks at ten of the most prolific and most well known comedy teams. It is perhaps a little light on the British comedy duos such as the Goons – but do feel free to name them all in the comments.Comedy seems to work best when done in groups. This is not just true of older comedy routines – most modern television comedy hits are such due to the supporting actors. For example, Will and Grace would never have survived were it not for the character of Karen Walker.


The Marx Brothers


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