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2017 Artist of the Year in theater performance

The following students have been named as nominees for the 2017 Artist of the Year in theater. We received 77 nominations from teachers at Orange County high schools.

The nominees are listed with their school name and the facets of theater that they perform and/or create. You can view video of their work by clicking on their name.

The Top 10 nominees for theater will be announced online on March 31 and in print on Apr. 2.

Angelica Alvarez, set design, sound design, lighting design, stage management

Orange Lutheran sculpture: What is the meaning of it?

Almost 200 Orange Lutheran students joined together to create the 28-foot-long hanging sculpture “Wave of Hope.” The piece, made of CD fragments, wire, poultry fencing and climbing rope, was designed by the school’s advanced sculpture and ceramics class and built over a three-month period. Its shape was inspired by the word “hope.” The artists who helped create the piece share their thoughts on its meaning.

Deven Atwater: This represents hope because we've all struggled and been hurt, but when we are put together we shine.

Parents Broken Santa’s Wishes By Giving Naughty Child Awesome Gifts

After a year of carefully assessing 8-year-old Jason Fuller’s behavior, Santa Claus decided to place the boy on his Naughty List. Jason had been a real troublemaker in school, teasing his classmates and talking back to teachers. At home, he refused to eat his vegetables, screamed at his parents when he didn’t get what he wanted, and refused to do his chores. As far as Santa was concerned, it was a clear-cut case. Jason’s inappropriate and disrespectful behavior clearly must be punished with a lump of coal for Christmas.

This Funny Uncle Remenbers And Repeats All The Best TV And Movie Quotes

Every family has a funny relative, and in the Franklin family, Uncle Barry has that title on lock.

“Barry has always been the funny one,” said Aunt Linda at a recent family gathering. “I don’t know comedy, I just like to laugh!

Uncle Barry boasts an extensive repertoire, from vintage Saturday Night Live to classic Simpsons to Portlandia.

“Hey Linda, put a bird on it!” said Uncle Barry, pointing at Linda’s decorative birdcage. He looked knowingly at his teen nephew, who must have not heard him. “D’oh!”

Boss Pretending To Laugh At The Costume Of Her Will Fire You In February

It’s going great today, or so you think. You dressed up as your boss Mary Jo, with her signature bright red hair and hoop earrings.

“That’s so funny!” Mary Jo has said many times. Too many times. She doesn’t think it’s that funny.

Morrissey shouts out at Barnaby Joyce 'You are on the wrong side of history':

Our Deputy Prime Minister can't seem to stay out of stoushes with international celebrities.

First it was that whole sorry saga with Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, now Barnaby Joyce has drawn the ire – and acerbic pen – of British music legend, Morrissey.

Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars face Uptown Funk copyright fight again

Hot damn, we might need new lyrics to one of the biggest hits of the past few years, Uptown Funk. Instead of "called a police and a fireman" it's become a case of call a musicologist and a lawyer man.

For at least the second time, Uptown Funk songwriters Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars have been threatened with a legal suit over alleged similarities between their worldwide smash and a 1980s song by Minneapolis band Collage.

Some Americans Are Going To Mars, I Haven’t Been To Epcot!

President Barack Obama announced the goal for Americans to reach Mars by 2030. That’s downright unfair. You’re telling me that some Americans are planning a trip to Mars when I haven’t even been to Epcot?! What the H?

So this is the two Americas everyone’s always talking about. It really burns me up to think some Americans will probably stepping on the red chalky surface of Mars when I haven’t even seen Ellen’s Energy Adventure (a slow moving ride and film presentation hosted by daytime diva Ellen DeGeneres)?! We basically have a caste system is what you’re telling me.

Emily Blunt 'too beautiful' for The Girl On The Train role

The author of best-selling novel The Girl on the Train said filmmakers did their best to make Emily Blunt look "a bit shit" ahead of her lead role in the movie adaptation.

Paula Hawkins' comments come in the wake of criticism that 33-year-old Blunt was incorrectly cast for the role of overweight, alcoholic divorcee Rachel Watson.

"I love Emily Blunt. Mostly, I thought of her as like a comedy actress," Hawkins told an audience at the Chiswick Book Festival in the United Kingdom this week.

We Should Support Unpopular Decisions Arouses Me Sexually

Pornography has long been a blight on our society. It is a disgusting habit that leads to sexually deviant behavior. As a God fearing woman, I can’t sit idly by and watch as this smut destroys lives. That is why I strongly believe we must ban porn. Oh, yeah. Yeah I do.

Thousands of men and even some women use these salacious materials to pleasure themselves day after day. “It’s totally harmless,” they say. “It’s completely natural.” But I cannot be swayed by what the majority of people and doctors believe… yes, that’s it, disagree with me! Disagree harder!


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