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Boss Pretending To Laugh At The Costume Of Her Will Fire You In February

It’s going great today, or so you think. You dressed up as your boss Mary Jo, with her signature bright red hair and hoop earrings.

“That’s so funny!” Mary Jo has said many times. Too many times. She doesn’t think it’s that funny.

Everyone immediately recognizes your costume too, which is only making things worse for you because you look pretty bad. You’re insulting Mary Jo right and left and you don’t even know it. Mary Jo actually thinks your hair is tacky, and her’s is vibrant and fun. Mary Jo can’t believe anyone thinks her hoop earrings look anything like yours which you clearly bought at Claire’s.

It doesn’t help that Pam dressed as Ursula from The Little Mermaid and keeps saying “we’re both dressed as villains!” and everyone laughs. That’s not your fault, but you created this environment. You set Pam up.

Mary Jo is no dummy. She’s not going to fire you tomorrow or the next day. She’ll let you work through Christmas, but you’re gone by February at the latest. She will not suffer through this indignity again next year. You should have gone on Ken Bone like the rest of accounting.

Katie from accounting is safe for another year - you should have played it safe.

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